03 July 2008

Hello, Quito!

¡Estoy aquí!

I got to Quito safe and sound. I also bought a temporary cell phont in case of emergencies, but forgot to bring the number with me to this internet cafe... I´ll let you know when I figure out what the heck it is.

The flights were thankfully uneventful and I rested well, and met up with some other staff members and students who already arrived and we´re enjoying Quito and our hostel. The hostel where we´re staying is made up entirely of people from our project and Israelis, and I´ve been very pleased so far how much of both my Spanish and Hebrew has come back to me in just the couple hours we´ve been here.

I should go now, though; one of the other staff members and I are about to go pick up a student from the airport.

I´ll write again when I can, hope all is well back in the States


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