29 June 2008


Hello, all.

So, at the suggestion of a friend or two, I've started this travel-blog-y thing. It's link-to-able, and doesn't require any letting me know beforehand to read what I'm up to in Ecuador this year. I will still be sending out e-mails to those who have requested them... but this is here, too, because I'm a fan of overkill.

Anyhow. Quickly: it's at "micahloma" because loma is a term for hill, and this will [hopefully] become a MOUNTAIN of tales of adventure. Also because I tried to get the project to name a site after me last year with the name Micahloma and they didn't, and here is my sweet revenge.

Take that, Yogaloma [so named because it's likely the future site of a yoga studio... my name is much better].

I leave Tuesday for LA, and Wednesday night/technically Thursday morning for Ecuador. Awesome.


Leta said...

Woohoo, you have a blog!

(I love obvious statements.)

john said...
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