04 July 2008

Same ol´

Last night was the inaugural drinking time of the reunited staff members. Six of us have arrived already, and we went last night and got a liter or so of our favorite rum and celebrated our return, gossiped about the students we´ve met already, and drank. It was awesome. The hostel is great, there was a drum circle/sing-along until 3 or so with the Israelis and Chileans that showed up.

We were going to take the cable car up the mountain this morning, but it was cloudy and nobody actually wanted to get up at 7:30 to get there since we were still slightly sauced...

Anyway. Nothing interesting has happened yet, except that it´s the 4th of July (Happy Independence Day!) and I´m celebrating by being independent of the USA, and we will drink heavily in celebration of this tonight. I just happened to have internet access, and figured I´d put something here.


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