11 August 2008


Well, I'm in Quito again. Yesterday was Independence Day, but the parties we heard about being in Old Town last night were not there in any way whatsoever. We took cabs over there and got out and there were something like 6 other people outside in that entire area. But the architecture was beautiful and we took a nighttime walk through the colonial part of the capital and saw HUGE churches and government buildings and it was neat. Then we came back to the Mariscal, where we're staying, and had far-too-expensive beers and went to bed.

Seriously, the beer:
Up in Cangahua, where we'd been this whole time, a beer that is roughly 24 ounces costs 70 cents on its own, or you can get a case of 12 of them for $8. Here, you can spend $1.50 or $2 on a 12 ouncer! It's ridiculous! And I made the mistake of ordering a Corona with dinner here one night, and it cost $2.87. Ludicrous. Dang it's gonna hurt to go back to US prices.

Saturday night I danced my ass off, and less Ecuadorians were staring dumbfoundedly than last time I danced in Quito. The nice way one of my friends characterized my dancing was by saying I have "lots of 'signature moves'." She's kind.

And holy shit the rain just started to come pouring down. I thought it'd gotten darker out, and was just looking up to check on the cloud situation, and then BAM! Rain. Crazy.

So, uh. Everyone's leaving. I don't leave til the 17th, and several other staff members are staying, too. I was thinking of going to Banos, but they're not going til the weekend and my flight is out at 7 am on Sunday, so that won't work for me. It's okay, I haven't been to a single damn museum in this city yet, so I'll probably remedy that pretty soon.

Okay, if I find any adventures I'll let you know promptly. Hope all is well, I'll be seeing you soon!

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