06 August 2008

In brief:

-Last night was one of the staff member´s going away party. I drank and sang and danced.
-Sunday I went to hot springs and it was warm.
-Saturday I went to Otavalo market town, and when I bought the Spanish vs. Inka chess set I refrained from saying that we already know who wins [unlike last year].
-Friday they found an old burial site under a hundred-something-year-old house recently demolished, and we got the remains to study. We have at least 6 skulls and tons of other bones.
-Sunday, for dinner, I had guinea pig. It actually did taste a bit like chicken.
-The project ends on Friday, and I´ll probably be fairly drunk through Monday since Saturday we have a goodbye fiesta with an open bar and Sunday is Ecuadorian Independence Day. Woo.

That´s all for now, adios.

1 comment:

K said...

I'm sorry, but you found people bones and it got a 35 word blurb?!?!
Details, man, details!

But then, you'll be home soon enough and I can hear all about it. :-)